Cookies & Tracking

Version: May 28, 2020

In addition to the above processing of personal data, cookies and other tracking technologies are stored on your device when or after accessing the Parship Group website.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your device when you access a website and is stored in your browser. If you then access the same webpage again, your browser will check its cookies and will recognize you as a returning user.

Third party technologies such as scripts, pixels and tags that Parship Group embeds in the Parship Group website for promotional purposes also place cookies on your device.

Some cookies are automatically erased after the end of the browser session (these are “session cookies”), whereas other cookies are stored for a predetermined amount of time or permanently in your browser, before they erase themselves (these are “temporary” or “permanent” cookies).

What cookies does Parship Group use in general?

Parship Group classifies cookies into different categories depending on their function and purpose.

“Essential” cookies

We use certain cookies to make sure that our website is easy, secure and safe to use. This category of cookies includes e.g.:

  • Cookies that identify or authenticate our users,
  • Cookies that ensure the security of Parship Group’s information system that our website is secure,
  • Cookies that control abuse,
  • Cookies that temporarily store certain user entries;

These cookies enable you to navigate safely on our website and use the functions as desired. Without these cookies, Parship Group cannot provide essential services. We only use these cookies when you visit our website. These cookies are also used to retrieve the optimised website display when you access our website with a mobile device, so that your mobile data volume is not unnecessarily consumed.

The legal basis is the legitimate interest of Parship Group and of users of Parship Group’s website that the Parship Group service is safe and easy to use and that the quality of our website and content is constantly being improved.

A consent is not required to use “necessary” cookies. They cannot be deactivated.

You can find an overview and more detailed information about the “necessary” cookies we use here.

“Functional” Cookies

“Functional” cookies enable us to record our users’ usage behaviour (e.g. clicked advertising banners, visited subpages, search queries made).

We collect information about how users interact with our website. This allows us to identify which pages have been visited and to gain a complete picture of user activity on our website.

This category includes, for example

  • Cookies for market research to gain knowledge about target groups,
  • Cookies to create personalized content profiles,
  • Cookies to select personalized content,
  • Cookies to measure content performance.

The purpose of using “functional” cookies is to improve the performance of the website and to tailor the Parship Group platform to the users’ needs in order to make Parship Group more user-friendly. We also require statistical information on the use of our online content and therefore measure the reach of our website, which we evaluate in statistical form to obtain comparable values across the market. In this context, we create user profiles with the help of cookies or by evaluating log files. As a rule, we either do not use the IP addresses of the users at all or shorten them immediately after the survey.

“Functional” cookies can also be used to ensure that available website functions work properly. The use of such cookies only takes place when you have activated or requested the corresponding function.

Since we want to offer you a website designed for optimal user-friendliness, “functional cookies” are usually activated as soon as you visit our website. However, you can deactivate these cookies at any time – either via the buttons provided or via the settings in your browser. Data collected by “functional” cookies cannot be used to identify you personally or to track your activities on other websites.

You can find an overview and more detailed information about the “functional” cookies we use here. You can also get an overview of what cookies are already activated when you visit our website here.

With tools that work with opt-out cookies, it should be noted that the opt-out function is device- or browser-specific and is only valid for the device or browser currently in use. If you use several devices or browsers, you must set the opt-out on each individual device and in each browser used.

„Marketing“ Cookies

We also use cookies for advertising purposes (“marketing” cookies). We use the profiles created with the help of these cookies on user behaviour (e.g. clicked advertising banners, visited sub-pages, search queries made) to display advertising or offers that are tailored to your interests (“interest-based advertising”).

This category includes, for example

  • Cookies for selecting simple advertisements,
  • Cookies to create a personalised advertising profile,
  • Cookies to select personalised ads,
  • Cookies to measure ad performance.

In this context, we also allow third parties to collect our users’ data through advertising cookies or pixels placed on our website. These cookies allow us and other third parties to provide you with interest-based advertising based on an analysis of your usage behaviour (e.g. which banner ads you have clicked on, which subpages you have visited) on the Internet and on our website. We also share tracking data with third parties (such as Google and Microsoft) to measure the success of these advertising campaigns (so-called conversion tracking). Finally, “marketing” cookies allow us to evaluate log files with the help of tools such as Google Analytics and to create usage profiles.

The data controller responsible for the processing of data in connection with these tools is the respective provider thereof, unless we have indicated otherwise. The providers of these tools may also transfer information to third parties for the above-mentioned purposes. These tools will not use your IP address, or (if they do), they will shorten it immediately after collection. Please refer to each of these tools to find information about their respective provider and how you can object to their collection of data.

Your consent is the legal basis for the collection and evaluation of usage behaviour for interest-based advertising (exclusively PE Digital GmbH products). You can object at any time to the processing of your personal data for such purpose and withdraw your consent.

You can find an overview and more detailed information about the “marketing” cookies we use here.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data in connection with cookies

  • Where we obtain your consent as our lawful basis of processing, our legal basis is point (a) of Article 6(1) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Where we process personal data for fulfilling contractual relationships with Parship Group, our legal basis is point (b) of Article 6(1) GDPR. This also applies to data processing that is necessary to conduct pre-contractual measures.
  • If the processing is necessary to safeguard the legitimate interest of the Parship Group or a third party, and the interests, fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not override those legitimate interests, our legal basis for the processing is point (f) of Article 6(1) GDPR.

When the legal basis is your consent, you are entitled to revoke your consent at any time. However, this revocation will not affect the lawfulness of any processing that will have been carried out on the basis of your consent until your revocation. If the legal basis is a legitimate interest, you are also entitled, in general, to object to the processing of your personal data, at any time, for reasons arising from your specific situation. Article 21 GDPR applies in this respect.

How can you manage, prevent the use of cookies or erase our cookies?

Parship Group provides you with a consent management “cookie banner” that allows you to decide which cookies you want to allow. You can change your choice at any time and may withdraw any consent you may have given subsequently. You can retrieve such setting options here.

For the consent management we use the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (Usercentrics) of Usercentrics GmbH, Rosental 4, 80331 Munich, Germany. Usercentrics collects log file data and consent data using JavaScript. This JavaScript allows us to inform users about their consent to certain cookies and other technologies on our website and to collect, manage and document such consent.

You can permanently disable JavaScript at any time via your browser settings. If you do so, Usercentrics will not be able to execute JavaScript. You can find further information about Usercentrics’ data protection practices at:

You can manage (able/disable and erase) cookies on our website by using the functions mentioned above, and also via your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to manage your cookies by either accepting or rejecting all cookies or by agreeing to only certain types of cookies. To learn how to manage and erase cookies, please refer to the help function of your browser.

Please note, however, that if you choose to disable or remove cookies and other web tracking mechanisms, doing so may prevent certain features on our website from working properly. In addition, you may not be able to use or see some content that you have used or seen previously.

Specific cookies and tracking mechanisms

You can find a complete overview of the cookies and tracking mechanisms that we use on our website here. We have named each tracking mechanism and described their intended use, as well as other important information.

For further information and help with cookies and other web tracking mechanisms, please see

Appendix: Technical Notes Cookies

Internet Explorer:
You can find further instructions regarding cookie management on Internet Explorer at

Mozilla Firefox:
You can find further instructions regarding cookie management on Mozilla Firefox at

Google Chrome:
You can find further instructions regarding cookie management on Google Chrome at

You can find further instructions regarding cookie management on Safari at